November 01, 2005

story telling

once again my skills at shoo-ing moths out of my house reeped success!!! woohoo!! *pat**pat* ok tht may seem totally random but tht particular skill is utmost necessary when u're living alone with no one else who's not afraid of catching a moth with his/her bare hands. i had to shower in semi-darkness because of tht moth! it just flew in from the vent in my bathroom while i was on the verge of taking my shower!! oh the agony and dismay! sorry..just had to add in the dramatics. :) so i had to walk out clad only with a bath towel around me..into the lounge..turned off all the lights in my room and living area..opened the balcony door and stood there in the dark waiting to see the flitter of wings going through the open door. unfortunately the moth could not see the glimmering lights from the bathroom. so...back into the shower i headed and there it was..the menacing moth settled on the ceiling oblivious to my intentions. once again..i turned off the lights..grabbed a m op and shooed it out into the lounge..slammed the door shut and thus showered in semi darkness (now i know why i have two sets of switches for lights in my bathroom! smart electrical engineers!) phew..tht's almost the story done. after a nice relaxing shower..i ventured out..ears pricked for any sound of fluttering wings. to my horror or rather dismay the stupid bloody moth was still in my house!! resting on the blinds of the glass balcony door..well at least tht made my job easier. after much 'coaxing' and 'banging' of the blinds it finally found its way out into the fresh air. and tht my friends concludes the episode of 'the menacing moth'! taa-daa!!! haha..wht a night! oh well..actually it wouldn't have made a diff if zoe was still lliving with me cause she's terrified of insects. so it would have been my duty as a good elder sister to shoo it out. sigh..the responsibilites of a jie jie. :D

as my night turned out to be some insect encounter gone dear family is sunbathing and relaxing at guoman, port dickson!! they called to tell me how nice the hotel looks now after this massive the restaurants look all modern and sophisticated..according to my dad "all look like fusion style now!" haha..they'll be having a rangoli(indian) dinner in one of the new restaurants there. sigh..i miss all these short trips with the family. eventhough they usually were just 3 days, 2 nights, but the most fun and relaxing 3 days off they were. never ever got bored of them. we just havve so much to discuss and talk family and i. the topics of coonversation can be as nonsensical as 'how shit look like when u have diarrhoea' to almost profound and enlightening topics such as religion and faith. and of course family meals will never be complete without fits of laughter and insults thrown at one another. i do pity my mum though..she does almost always unintentionally become the victim of my dad's and us, sisters' sarcasm. however she always takes it with grace. how she survives us..i have no idea! haha..i would really like to write a book about my family one day. if i ever have the courage to put my thoughts onto paper and also to have the will and desire to write tirelessly. another restrictive factor would be if i have the boldness to venture into writing! i have always doubted my skill as a writer. never thought my writing good enough for others to read (thought to self...why am i blogging then???) narrative writing requires a style of writing so different and uniquue to capture and enrapture the reader. tht is so hard to achieve! hmm..maybe one day i will be comfortable with myself..confident enough with myself and also brave enough to put this thought into practice. will writing ever become my forte? *drum roll* "AND THT IS THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION" haha.ok tht was lame.

i did manage to put in 2 hours of work today! one achievement of the day! shall increase tht number soon... tmrw i'll be meeting jitesh for lunch! he'll be leaving for kl on the 8th. didn't even manage to meet up with him often. stupid fella too lazy to travel. humph. oh well..will be meeting him tmrw anyway and he'll be bringing along his car!! yipee!! don't have to walk. yippee! will never get bored of his company. he's always been there for me when i needed him. he's been a great friend and one i'll really miss when we start making ur own paths in life. i can see him becoming a totally successful engineer. using whtever wits he has to succeed in life. he's one smart guy.

ok enough reflection and grandmother stories from me. it's back to the books for me. nerd-dom here i come! haha..

till the next update...where have all those years gone?

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