July 13, 2008

Calm before the storm

What is so significant about the upcoming semester...it is my last!! Hopefully, if I pass everything. Final year project will be a killer so will another subject of mine. Will just have to persevere and keep my head low in books.

A break before the storm....a wonderful holiday with the family to Swiss-Garden Resort and Spa Kuantan!!

It's going to be a blast....with a 60% chance of scattered thunderstorm according to the weather forecast.

Till the next update...you have left embedded footprints.

July 04, 2008

The Force Unleashed

Just another day in Melbourne results in just another day of walking around the city. But yesterday was no ordinary, mundane day in Melbourne because... Joel and I have just successfully bought and built this-->

The Rogue Shadow, piloted by Juno Eclipse. Includes a miniatue Darth Vader and his apprentice. There is an option to have Darth Vadar's mask or cape on and Juno can either wear a black cap or have blonde hair tied into a pony tail :D Darth Vader and apprentice comes equipped with their own modified red sabers.

The Rogue Shadow has a powerful missile launcher that can actually propel a missile!! It has hidden guns, rockets and blaster canons. It has rotating wings and folding landing gear. The cockpit has a fold on, fold off roof and includes a joystick as a control. It's sleek black with a mean looking blue strip lighting up when the haul to the blaster canons is opened.

Just one word to describe it....LEGENDARY!

Till the next update...you can never be too old to enjoy Lego.

June 24, 2008

Fälscher, Die

"It takes a clever man to make money, it takes a genius to stay alive."
It is a movie that questions what we are willing to sacrifice to survive. It is a movie that challenges morality and beliefs in times of adversities. It is a must watch for people who love films rich with history and raw emotions. It is also a compelling story for those who love drama. I highly recommend this film.
Till the next update...minister of the ministry of higher education of M'sia coming to Melb..another waste of tax payers money.

June 20, 2008

Mine..all mine...

Isn't it wonderful when it's your birthday. Well it was my birthday about more than a month ago. And I did get some lovely presents...

Thank you to Imran who gave me a lovely swarovski crystal rocking horse adorned with a shiny silver saddle. Now you've only made me yearn for more beautiful things!

Thank you to Clement who gave me enough money to buy my first ever Tony Bianco shoes from Myers :) Love them to bits. And now after slipping my feet into this pair I have become officially addicted to Tony Bianco shoes. Bought another pair off eBay for a whooping $30!!! Love eBay and Love Tony Bianco.

But of course the MOST ROMANTIC and WONDERFUL present was a beautiful night on the tramcar restaurant with a beautiful person.

Had a 5 course meal plus unlimited wine and champagne. Definately a good way to spend the night of my birthday. Thank you to that special someone who gave me a night to remember..xoxo

Till the next update...I have to study!