November 12, 2005

say no!

"you can be a slave and yet free, poor and yet have the world in ur hands"
~wormwood by gp taylors~

this book is just filled with profound extracts. love it! there was actually one extract about how power corrupts...but decided not to put it up. it was really well put though. this quote just makes u realise tht material goods are not a yard stick to happiness or fulfillment. i think once in awhile we need to remind ourselves about the REAL impotant things in life so tht we don't get diluded into living the rat race day after day..for our entire life. this is also a reminder to all who's sitting for not be discouraged by it. there is more to life then scoring high marks! i wish i could feel contented by knowing that.

SAY NO TO PREJUDICE! being a muslim or a christian or a buddhist or a hindu or a bahaian doesn't make us superior to another. we all believe in one divine power in whtever form we believe it to be in. we all believe in doing good and not bad. we all believe in peace and equality. we all believe in respect and humility. we all are human. made from blood and flesh. all falling under the same species in the huge animal kingdom. do not let a slight difference in the 'title' of what we call to be our beliefs mask the similarity we all share. put urself in the person's shoes..if u fall prey to would u feel? a few bad eggs does not make the whole basket rotten as well. do not succumb to prejudicism.

had to say tht after seeing all tht's been going on in aus. i think the statement "go back to where u came from" should never be said because we are all migrants somewhere along our lineage.

till the next update...i just want peace.

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