November 07, 2005


why rain now?? on the day when i'm feeling good about eating a proper dinner, it rains! there goes my dinner. darn i ran out of no fruit soup cause i fnished the last can this more pita bread..only thing left is my yogurt which i had as part of my lunch.'s going to be a loooong night. rain rain go away! i want to eat subway! haha tht rhymes. mum said i look pale from a pic i took of myself when i had gone all nuts cause of studying. studying is bad. makes u just lose appetite. i;m just eating for the sake of eating. eating to live. the next week is going to be full on for me. paper after paper. don't feel prepared for any of them. going to fail for sure. i'm beginning to notice my really short sentences in this entry.

going to kick and punch some of my frustration adn anxiety out now.

till the next update...what is there?

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