October 31, 2005

brain malfunctioning

physics is driving me mad! i'm starting to hyperventilate just at the thought of it! this is so bad! hate physics!!! tell me..wht am i doing in engineering again?? haha..hate exams.despise exams. exams are bad for the health and mental state. the only benefit of having exams is having the priviledge of becoming slightly more knowledgable leading up to "D" day and then only to have ur intelligence level plummet to almost zilch while still retaining the few 'know hows of the world' stuck in ur head. it's so pointless! everyday 'drilling' and hands on experiences are worth a trillion times more than 3 hours of writing on a blank sheet of paper. i think i'll definately learn more and also retain more info in my head than cramming for exams. change the bloody education system already!!! it's too ancient for ppl like me! haha.. one out of many of the old traditions of the world...exams. must have been china and those stupid imperial exams which has influenced the whole world in becoming 'mugging' orientated. chinese..too smart for our own good..haha complete info overload has drained me of any sense left in me..hence the rambling and utter nonsense. brain going into overdrive! i think i AM becoming less intelligent as i grow older. brain cells are diminishing in significant numbers! as my bio lecturer once said...brains cells die as we age. hence the roles of lecturers and students theoratically should be reversed! if tht ever happened i will abolish exams for good. i'll be one of the few lecturers now who see the pointlessness in having exams.

ok back to work for me. back to the torture of trying to comprehend the in comprehensible!

till the next update...i just want the brain of a genius..is tht too much to ask for?

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