November 15, 2005


merdeka!! i am free from exams!!! omg..i have already officially completed one year of uni. i have just saat for my last exams of the year. the last exam as a first year student. i will be a 2nd year student soon...time flies by so quickly! i just realised that i've known all my coursemates for a year already...and also i've known CERTAIN people for almost a year too!! time flies. i think just the sudden blow of all this has overwhelmed me. i need time to let it sink in...*breathe in**breathe out* my mum and aunt are over. will be taking them around melb and shopping! then i'll be home. zoe's going to greet me with a bunch of flowers! haha..tht's what she said she will do la.'s going to be a first...having my sis greet me at the airport. bizarre...but got to get use to it. nothing much to write about now..just want to shout out...I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE U!

till the next update...time flies like a speeding bird.