November 11, 2005

why history repeats itself

"Evil is not limited to people, there are wicked strongholds that occupy the land itself. Every act of violence or tragedy charges the very particles of the earth with its presence. There are powers that feed on this and pitch their tent, making their dwelling place amongst men. Then you wonder why the trials of the ages repeat themselves time and time again in the same place, every generaton cursed like the one that went before. Wherever you tread you leave behind the scent of your sweating feet. So too with the spirit, its groanings are absorbed by the stones, to be played again and again."

~extract from Wormwood by G.P. Taylor~

just read this extract from that book and thought it interesting in answering the unusual phenomena of history repeating itself no matter how many times we have memorials, songs, articals, documentaries, books, we have on each recurring 'mistake' men has made throughout the history of civilization. there may be such a power out there...if u do believe in a higher power of good..there also should be an equal power of evil. newton's third law! wonder whether we could call that 'evil power' politicians. haha..

anyway...can't help but notice the sexism in this book..the stereotypes so obviously displayed by this writer. an intentional one or not..tht i wonder. well i guess even great minds do fall prey to the social stereotypes ecthed in the community since the beginning of civilisation. but i just have to mention it anyway..the source of evil in this book is a WOMAN and all the angels and the protagonist are MEN! why must things good always be symbolised or represented by the male sex??!!! even the master of angels in this book is a MAN! why are women mostly subjugated to either minimal roles or the extreme of 'evilness' roles in books?! the only book i have read so far who has a women as the powerful all knowing being is by david eddings..(comments are just referring to fantasy genre far..) but even then..she still seeks the wisdom of an older man! haha.. a book which has all main characters as women should be written. wait actually i think there is...the 'valley of the horses' two part series has women as teh main characters..i think..not too sure..have to read it to find out!

was watching this programme critiquing movies..i still love all frame per frame animation. corpse bride! love that style of animation! tim rule! haha.. i will always prefer the old traditional way of animation..with the tiny help of digital animation of course to refine the rough ages of the old. love the animator and cartoonist ludwig as well...i think tht's how u spell his name. he has some really profound work. love them! oh should watch deep throat-the documentary. made by two gay directors. it's documentary about this movie made way back called deep throat which caused huge controversy about the acceptance of pornography. hm...maybe should watch the original movie sometime..deep and controversy..the ultimate ingredients for a great movie! so many movies i yearn to watch but all of them will never be screened in msia. most of them are either art flicks or international films. sigh..kl should have a nova! i'll be their loyal customer! haha..patron of the year!

will stop my with my utterly boring and useless talk.

till the next update...lux luciet!