November 22, 2005

native land

back on native land...tanah tumpahnya darahku. is my second day home and i'm still experiencing this certain surreal-ness. i cannot believe that a whole year has gone by and next year will be creeping up soon. oh well.. just going to enjoy my hols now. was thinking of getting a part time job...but having second thoughts about it. sing theng is in pangkor sailing!! i'm so jealous!! sailing is so invigorating! love the feeling of open seas..but the thought of getting capsized does frighten me. i will ask him to take me sailing one of these days..:)

it's sad to lose a loved one..but even more devastating if one can't grief over it. it hurts and it destroys oneself. allow grief. remove the facade of bravery. break down. only then will recovery and acceptance come. moving on does not at any level means forgetting the loved one. love will never die or fade if it is true. so accept and proceed with life. it is not wrong.

oh i wanna watch tht chinese musical 'perhaps love'! looks good. the cinematography looks really good. oh oh...body shop and mtv are selling this coin purse which has a compartment to keep a condom!! it's in aid of aids victims. did u now tht almost half of the drug addict population in indonesia are HIV positive. it's so sad. they area totally ignorant about HIV. they don't even know how it spreads. this guy thought he would never get HIV by using intravenous drugs cause he thought that him only having sex with his wife would mean that he will never get HIV. but oh my..he was so wrong cause he shared needles with other drug addicts and lo and behold...he became HIV positive. fortunately he has access to retrovirus controlling drugs. and now he's trying to go round educating other drug addicts to use clean, steralized needles. aids in south east asia is becoming really bad. well aids is already 'epidemic'.

this update has been totally random..i know. haha..oh well..teh fats in me must be getting to me. damn i put on! okok..i shall not complain about it anymore. have been torturing my whole family with my whining. haha..

till the next update...unpredicatable.

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