October 08, 2005

up and about

i've suddenly become more impulsive in my decisions..thanks to tina! haha..today did the most "mo liew" (say it in canto) thing! just sat on the tram going up and down streets in hope of finding a real estate office with tina. then..suddenly out of the blue we decided to have fish and chips as port melbourne! unfortuantely the sky was grey with patches of blue in between 'cloud migration'... i called it tht cause of the irritating melb rain whereby it rains then stops almost as suddenly as it began due to the strong winds blowing the clouds away. but oh well we did manage to eat port melbourne fish and chips at the world famous REX HUNT'S seafood restaurant! (who in the world is rex hunt?? he even has merchandises on sale which includes video tapes of him!)anyway, had lovely thick chips with a generously batter covered fish fillet accompanied by lemon and of course the traditional tartare sauce! then had pisang goreng to satisfy my sweet tooth! hah..feel so contented. nothing beats food when it comes to filling tht 'emptiness' inside u. some random pictures of us while getting high on salty sea breeze!

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oh this one was taken when both of us were still 'sober'. NOTICE THE LION KING T-SHIRT!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
look caused by "seagull shitting on head" phobia.

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newton's 3rd law : for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

just discovered tht i dun really know the city tht well. came across this pedestrian walkthrough along bourke street which has cafes...looks really quaint and it reminds me of sydney. got to go and discover hidden treasures in the city before i graduate! tht's my aim in melbourne! have to go good food scouting as well. can't tahan surviving on 'student food'. must indulge once in awhile..hehe.

melbourne weather is getting on my nerves. so cold and wet! i want the warmth! argh!!! ok i'm off to continue with my bumming.

until the next update...never say 'never'.

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