October 26, 2005


which is better...a lie tht draws a smile or the truth tht draws a tear? when u come to a hard decision as this one...i would probably tell the truth..don't u think causing pain would be better than living a lie? cause at least the pain would be just for a certain period of time. time DOES heal all wounds anyway. but to live a lie..tht will be hard. it'll be hard on ur part cause then u'll be tormented mentally day and night, and it'll be hard for the other party as well cause the higher u put them the harder they'll fall. if tht even makes sense. i guess it's like the longer the lie is maintained the more pain it'll cause. so causing a smaller degree of pain is better than causing a higher degree of pain. hmm..ok just a note..but htis entry has nothing to do with anythign personal i'm experiencing now. just read a friend's nick and i just thought it'll be interesting to mention it in my blog. i think most of us have come across a situation where we had to make a decision similar to tht. it's a tough life. :S guts is all we need to get through it. guts!

i shoudl be studying but yet again something always pops up to distract me. had a wonderful italian meal with family friends today. i just love to have old familiar faces around me. just needed tht to perk me up! wht perfect timing. well..back to the books i go!

till the next update...unspoken words says more.