October 21, 2005

life's too short

my condolences to jeremy who just lost a friend to pneumonia.. and also to joann who knew this same person as a second degree friend. so many misfortunes in such a short time. what else can there be said in times like these but just 'i'm sorry'. the circle of life..i guess the way to make everything seem better is by looking at it as the passing of one gives life to another unborn child somewhere in the world ready to be conceived. somehow this belief of everlasting life or spirit of a person makes it all seem more worthwhile.

life's to short to not have lived. but wht's there to live when we are bounded by so many restrictions? yes..we can only begin 'living' when we have a proper education..when we have made something of ourselves.. oh well i guess how we see 'living' is relative.

peer into the window
the window of light
what do u see?
i see a soul
a soul with aim
a soul with purpose
a dark shadow approaches
sucking the light
speckless of white
all lost
redundant it was
all dreams
all hopes
but halt i say
a glow beyond
calls my attention
weak as it appears
strength is within
grow i say
embrace me
return what i have lost
devour me
take over the gloom
a new turn
a new chance
take the risk
reciprocate with gusto
life's too short

my really sad attempt in poetry writing. oh well too filled with emotions to do anything else but write.

till the next update...it's better to have loved than not have loved at all.