August 31, 2004


so were the three words shouted by tunku abdul rahman as the union jack was replaced by our own jalur gemilang. what an impact this one occasion had on the future of malaysia. imagine the merdeka stadium filled with citizens of malaysia...chinese, indian, malays, penjabi, peranakan, sabahans, sarawakians and so on...shouting along with the tunku. imagine the overwhelming feeling..the energy in the stadium...hmm....31st august 1957...the unforgettable date in the minds of all malaysians...

this sudden surge of patriotism in my veins is unexplainable. i guess it must be the feeling of being away from my home just makes me more patriotic and i cherish all things malaysian even more. i miss pisang goreng, mamaks, pasar malam, and everything which makes malaysia malaysia. never mind...home is just a flight away..and i'll be leaving on the plane in a few months time. it's kind of depressing when i dream of my room but i awake in another. more sadness. the blue bird is singing on my shoulder...haha...i wish! exam is just two weeks away and i'm still sitting on my laurels! this is not good. have to get into momentum! i cannot afford to screw this exam up. will cost me just too much. i am looking at a future in the medical profession or the engineering field. so have to strive for it. muse has left me. i have nothing else to blog. i'm just blogging for the sake of having a posting on a historical i've done that and i shall leave u with this 'till the next time the muse comes knocking on my door....

we connect in conversation
we connect in thoughts
but will this connect our very being?
will this be 'it'?
another may be in ur heart
does this matter to me?
i have never felt this crazy!


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