August 27, 2004

the art of love

~the art of love is largely the art of persistence~
albert ellis

this quote really struck me. i mean it is so true. every single word of it is so true. just look at the courting game...persistence and determination most often leads a guy or gal to 'victory'.haha...making it sound so dramatic. but i think it is true. guys better take heed..haha...if u want her go get her! don't give up! oh wait...give up when u know she has no interest whatsoever in u cause then u'll be only wasting ur energy and u'll just be hitting ur head against a wall. ok enough about love.

nothing really happened since the last time i blogged. i guess the only real relief was the handing up of the HOI essay. phew..a huge burden finally lifted from my tired shouders. man..i'm so dramatic! haha..that's whaat zoe always complains about me..being over dramatic about things...can't help's just me. however this does bring about my weakness...feeling too much. it just makes me so emotional at times... i just hate it when it happens. feeling too intensely for something or someone just makes u go through so much emotional turmoil. it's just so draining. but i have the saints to thank...oh and the pakcik. always there to lend a hearing ear no matter what time of the day. a big thank you! i'm feeling guilty right now over what i'm feeling for someone...don't want to mention names or leave any hints now...damn it! i have to control this..i just have to...he may already have someone else...okok...i should uphold the angels' motto "no time for boys"! haha...girls..we shold wear 'the' t-shirt at the same time one day. i must live by this motto! enough nonsense and blabber from the blabber queen. till the next time i post again.....the heart is a vulnerable thing.

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