March 06, 2005

uni life, finally

uni life started...finally. is it an occasion to rise to or to fall into a pit of despair and stress?? however the outcme i guess it's all up to me but..darn! it is defiantely intimidating to be among the whites! maybe it's just me but i feel as if thier eyes are always observing my every every mistake and every stupid fumble. they just seem so patronising! maybe it's just my imgination....i hope it is. if not this will turn out to be the worst 4 years of my studying life! fortunately there's still the ex-trinity people to mix with and christina!

i had my first taste of clubbing recently. not bad actually. didn't mind the smoke and alcohol. had a drink myself! haha... the music and rhythm just had me going. don't mind going again..but i don't think i'll be visiting a club in the near future. i need a break from fun to get my mind orientated to assignments and work!

another great news...i've managed to pass the initial stage of auditoning for this uni play! will be going for the second stage of selections this monday. can't wait..hopefully i'll be successful and a part in the play will be mine! i know it sounds so desperate..but if u know me well enough u would know how important and interested i am in the theatre. i will do anything to be involved in a stage production....well almost everything. i won't beg, steal or cheat for it. haha...the experience gained from being involved in one will be so enriching. i just can't wait. the idea of it just gets my nerves all jumping and my mind racing! now all i can do is just do my best and pray!

ok..enough writing. have to get down to my work! tutes will be starting this coming week so the work load will be piling up. i have to get down to it...soon... so till the next update...first impressions do leave lastings one.