March 29, 2005

a bbq, a bit of alcohol and a camera

celebrated wily's birthday yesterday! had a bbq at this really nice apartment. loved the lobby. it was designed to bring nature into the had like all the modern angulated designs soften by white pebbles and greens. really stylish! would love to stay there..for the lobby! haha.. wily really was bullied to the max because he was the birthday boy anyway. he got thrown into the pool and then made to drink like lots until he couldn't stand. pitied him but what's the point if u don't make ur 18th a memorable one?! really enjoyed the company too. laughed tonnes cause as usual..zoe, tina and i got high on chocolate..the chocolate supply coming from our superb 'death by chocolate' chocolate cake! i must say it was our first attempt at baking but it turned out really really good. everyone loved it! it was crusty on the outside and soft and moist in the middle. everyone kept asking how we managed to make it so biscuit like on the's the secret...over bake the cake!! haha.. it was never ever meant to turn out that way but what the heck! people loved it! they were actually eating almost burnt cake. sshhhh....haha.

ever since i've started uni..i think the highlight of it has to be the introduction to alcohol! i mean have drank this but recently i have found myself in situtions whre alcohol consumption deems to be necessary for a fun time. haha ok that sounds really bad! i mean drinking is not bad if u know ur limit and u have self-control. oh and drink with ppl u can trust. my favourite cocktail to date..malibu coke thanks to christina! i think i'm beginning to sound like an alcoholic. actually, i don't mind drinking socially to build up my alcohol tolerance. mine's pretty low...

i'm in a trigger happy mood! i just want to take pictures of everything adn everyone...reminds me of someone..IMRAN! haha. i remember the days when our faces were practically glued to the camera lens...self portraits, embarrassing poses, stupid poses... those were the days when we were really, extremely bored. miss them! oh i took a really nice artistic shot of tina..hehe..i must say that my photography skills have improved since the day of 'the upside down but looks like it's not upside down' photography frenzy..only ahma and imran will know about don't worry if u have no idea what i just said. i took some really nice shots with my SLR too. keeping an album of all my 'artistic' pictures. love them! my pride and joy!

enough self praise..haha...till the next trigger happy people!