March 21, 2005

an update

ok...this has to be the most unproductive week ever. i hae an essay due on wednesday and i still haven't completed my research into the topic. i'm just so not into the research and study mode! went shopping at bridge road on sat and bought 3 items for only $25!!! very good bargain. oh i have to thank sam for helping me pick out all 3 of them. she knows my taste in clothing.haha...visiting bridge road is not encouraged...everytime i do go there i wish i were a trillionaire's daughter!! there's just too many nice stuff i want to get..but the price just gets to ya!

i don't really know what else to blog about...i'm just updating for the sake of updating... hmm... oh one theory in life which i truly believe in...any guy who comes my way and have the 'potential' of making me fall head over heels for them are either too young, attached, or gay! this is the sad reality of my life! pathetic. i feel so depressed over my sorry fate...

till the next update...distance is no barrier.