November 06, 2004


the world is an unfair place! every living soul's life. will there be a day when true justice prevails? will there be a day when i can say 'i live in a fair world'?'ll never illusion meant only for idealist. i am not an idealist..perhaps i should become one..fighting the loosing battle. if u're an idealist do u become a pessimist or an optimist? if u're an idealist do u become a dreamer or a realist? so many dimensions to such a simple concept of the word 'idealist'. i guess kharma is the best way to console my cry for a just world. kharma...everyone will get what they deserve in due course. will the bitches of the world get thier fair share of spite? will the politicians ever feel the real deal of thier doings? believe is to have have faith is to sit and wait? im confused! i'm in conflict! so many cases of the innocent and good being wronged by others is evident in our lives today. why? why? why? we believe in heaven and the last is a bit of an illusion..don't u think so? words of the bible to comfort the fears of man. receiving fairness after death while suffering and being misjudge throughout life on earth. kind of a bleak image don't u think? no...we must have that one day all evil and injustice will be no more. fragile in some and yet so strong in others.

sorry if i have offended anyone with my words. they were not intended to hurt or question anyone's beliefs. they were also not intended to be imposed on anyone. beliefs are private and individual. i respect that. until the next the future as bright as we perceive it to be?

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