November 15, 2004

selamat hari raya

SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all! eventhough i don't celebrate it but i do miss it. all the public holidays and the music...eventhough they were damn annoying back home. every single shopping mall would be playing the same 'selamat hari raya' song. haha... but i guess that made the atmosphere a festive one. oh no..i'll be missing the rendang and curry and kuihs from my neighbour this year...and i'll be missing all the tasty sweet dates! i'll also miss the semangat kejiranan it was always during the different festivals where u'll see the tolong menolong, toleransi, satu padu, kejiranan, kerjasama, tolak ansur antara kaum. not forgetting all the other nilai-nilai murni that we learnt in pendidikan moral. actually i just realised that i've never been to a rumah buka before during hari raya or deepavali. i've only been to a rumah buka of a friend of mine during chinese new year. i should go to the menteri's house la one of these days. imagine going into sharifah's house...menteri in charge of bangsar. has she actually done anything good for bangsar? i wonder... the roads around tmc are still filled with pot-holes...the sports complex is kind of dilapitated...crime rate has gone up...on well...politicians and thier words of promise during election season can never be trusted. politicians and the word trust can never go hand in hand. politians are bagai enau melepaskan pucuk that the correct proverb? well fellow m'sians who went through pmr and spm will know what i'm talking about. remember all the malay proverbs we had to memorize for exam? phew..thanks goodness it's all over! i wonder how many proverbs i still can remember...i won't torture u with them here..haha.

well...if u have been diligently reading imran's, christina's and zoe's blog u would have found out about our desperate attempt to remain dry with only the cover of one miserable umbrella. imagine the four of us under a foldable umbrella from big w! kind of pathetic. but what the heck! we had fun laughing all the way and i bet it will be one of those unforgettable memories. the things we four do! imagine us growing old and when we have our kids we'll be re-telling our stories...and we'll refer to one another as aunty christina, aunty zoe, aunty anthea and pak cik imran. haha..that'll be the day! college life..unforgettable!

there's nothing much to blog now. exams are comign up and i'm in hot soup. i will never learn that procrastinating is bad..i'll never learn that last minute work is bad. i'm a person who works better under preassure i guess. the way i studied for my past exams never fails to amaze me! i can't imagine i managed to cramp in 2 years of work in just 2 days or was it overnight? oh i did that for physics i think. haha..amazing!

ok..going to the library be the good student i am suppose to be! until the next update...memories are timeless.

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