June 28, 2006

home is where the heart is...and cheap goods!

back home. list of things i have done in the span of two days..

1. got a diamond ring for my 20th from parents (didn't want earrings)
2. have eaten at esquire kitchen, tai tong at bkt kiara club and grandma's cooking
3. bought 2 bras
4. bought DANCING SHOES!!!
5. jogged once and played a match of netball

totally excited about the dancing shoes!!! it's champagne in colour, 2.5 inches heel, strappy looking and absolutely comfortable to dance in. it's hand made by this guy. his shop is on jalan sultan in kl and it cost me RM188 for my pair cause i have big feet. a smaller sized pair would cost cheaper..damn my big feet. haha i had to buy a size 9! thank goodness he had 2 pairs of size 9 shoes in stock..if not i have to wait for 4 weeks for one!

i've won myself a meal as well! was betting with chee wei over the italy and aus match. i took italy of course...so i have a free meal awaiting me! :)

to all the melbournites have fun!! dun drink too much!

till the next update....missing netball.

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