June 20, 2006

beer, beer, beer

one more paper to go on thurs...the break between my previous papers with this last one is just too long! lost momentum..no mood to study.

have been going drinking with friends quite a bit. we wanted to go to long room but unfortunately the guys were not dressed up enough for it. guys dress code: collared shirts with leather shoes. they extremely sticky with wht guys wore. so we had to resort to other venues to quench our thirst for alcohol.went to two bars in a night on friday. first stop-->hairy canary. here's two pics taken at hairy canary..

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

next stop-->van gonh bar
met evan there. hadn't seen him for such a long time!

yesterday went to cookie with tina, eng soon, sean, david, and ck. found out lots of new and exciting things about ppl. haha...it's amazing how many things can be revealed with just beer and a game entitled 'i have never'. it should be made the drinking game of the millenium! after drinking we went to china bar for supper. throughout supper we were freaked out by this lady who was sitting directly adjacent to us...she had really heavy make up around the eyes... real goth style. her hair was permed into tight curls and it fell in two bunches on either side of her head. there were red highlight streaks amongst her jet black hair. her freakyness was not her hair or make up but it was caused by her wearing a black hoodie with the hood over her head and also the fact tht almost throughout supper she was staring into space with her eyes wide open. it was so freaky! and nearing the end of the nnight she started looking at our table which spooked us out even more! the ironic thing was...she was a staff at china bar....??!! haha

till the next update.....one glass of beer a day is good for ur health!