July 19, 2006

light up my life

took this photo at this shop in malacca. warmth... smtg i'll be missing once i land on melbourne soil. i'll be going back to reality on saturday.

this picture reminded me of this old story i had heard when i was a kid. it was about this boy who took up this challenge by this king to stand in the middle of a pond in through the freezing night naked. if he could withstand the subzero temperature he will be rewarded. the sly king knew it'll be a hard task for a mere kid. however, the next day, lo and behold the kid was still standing strong. when asked how he managed to withstand the cold he replied..."the light from your room gave me all the warmth needed to survive the night" the power of the human mind! limitless!

till the next update...endless possibilities but no guts.

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