June 18, 2006

one way of saving money

it's 2:46 in the afternoon. i'm still in my pjs, on the net, filling out random surveys in hope of winning one of the amazing prizes. i am currently in the saddest, loneliest state since the start of the year. but i will not break under these circumstances! i will seek solace from the gym! will go have a good workout..sweat all the negative vibes out of my system. apparently by wearing or eating or painting certain colours, u can renew or overcome certain feelings. COLOUR THERAPY ppl..colour therapy!

already-done list of today
reading blogs....[check]
reading the star online....[check]
chatting to random ppl....[check]
eating leftovers before they rot....[check]
updating blog....[check]
playing mindless online games....[check]

ok i really should get out of the house now and hit the gym. my life is getting from sad to sadder!

till the next update....when the sixth angel blew the trumpet...


Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »

Anonymous said...

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