October 01, 2004


after almost a week of silence i have decided to break it. holidays have just come and gone. not looking forward to going back to the studying and maths stress! this is what i don't like about school/college/uni life. once a big exam burden has been lifted u are bogged down by another! the stress of being a student. one thing to look forward to this term...graduation! can't wait to finally close another chapter to my schooling life. but i will definately miss the people i have become so close to. anyway...the future is something i am looking forward to. there's somethings u just want to leave behind and start anew.

nothing interesting to post. my mind is just an array of thoughts...nothing really substantial and necessary to be put down in writing. actually this blog is kind of a hisorical site don't u think? i mean everything i have been through, felt, thought, done in the past are all written and recorded here. it's like something people would do in the past when history needed recording. jotting down thoughts an happenings of oneself to form an immortal u. hmm...so long as men can breathe or eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee....in this case this gives life to me! isn't it so true. immortally gained within the pages of a book, within the posts of a blog! haha... it does give a sense of comfort doesn't it? i guess everyone wants to be remembered after death. not having a single memory of oneself in the minds of others after death can be extremely frightening. it's as if u never even existed on the face of the earth! being invisible and visible at the same time...chilling thought... actually it's not chilling but rather it's a case of loneliness and rejection...or it could be a case of loneliness and falseness. not everyone is the true friend they crack up to be. even i myself must admit my folly. i have put on a facade in front of certain people...acting, hiding behind the mask of smiles and amiability.

ok i think that's enough for one post. till the next update....noone is true to u except urself.

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