October 03, 2004

jonathan rhys meyers

JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS IS HOT!! his eyes are just so intense looking. he has this brooding look that can just make me melt! he is why i love irish guys. hot, hot, hot! loved him bend it like beckham and completely adored him in vanity fair. words just cannot describe how hot and sexy his eyes are!! haha...ok i sound like a small teenage girl going goo goo gaa gaa over a boy band. haih...never will i ever meet a guy with that kind of gaze and look. wait...should i believe in hope? if i do then woohoo! light does shine in my life. haha..

had a fun day yesterday at st kilda..well maybe it wasn't filled with activity and all that but we did do a lot of walking and photo taking. oh my goodness..we are all officially e.g's to the max!! haha...erm it's an inside joke but krystle would know what it means. i mean we did the charlie's angels pose right in the middle of a pathway which was filled with people..not a deserted one but a busy one! how thick skinned are we man?! haha..but it was fun all the same. and of course photo taking would not be complete without the 'self potraits' initiated by ahma! her ever famous photo taking style. :) did manage to get some sun rays on my skin but not enough to give back my skin the healthy brown glow. damn it. when i get back to m'sia to the pool i go. never knew that the warmth and sun can be so inviting! now i understand the europeans hunger for the sun. i never did until now. oh ya we went to get imran's suit for the prom too. not bad la. can do for the night. the prize for the rent was reasonable too. the gowns on sale at that shop was fabulous! they were gorgeous! wouldn't mind renting one actually...that is if i had a date! nvm going as a singleton isn't that bad. it's the company that matters but i don't think i'll be having any problems with that. good friends equals good company.

i can't wait to go back home. can't wait to be able to sleep in my own room for at least more than the pathetic two weeks but have to be back by mid feb. that's just so awful! that's so little time to spend with family and friends. haih...getting a paper qualification comes first i guess. life can be so hectic at times. i do feel like stopping and giving it all up sometimes but then the world still continues to spin on its axis and other people still go about doing their thing. so i have no choice but pick myself up again and continue the rat race. actually i don't even think there is a possibility of ever stopping to rest. one responsilibity just leads on to another. nothing ever ends. i guess that's why the phrase 'circle of life' is used. a inevitable cycle we all have to undertake. i think that's why peserverence and determination are such vital qualities to survive in the world today. without them we would just crumble and fall.

ok i think that's enough rambling for the day. till the next update.....jonathan ryhs meyers is hot! hehe :)

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