September 25, 2004

from students to tourists

well the holidays have been fairly interesting. have swicthed roles from being a student to being a 'ulu' looking tourist. i have been visiting places such as the national art gallery and the melbourne aquarium...the thought running through your head now must be...hmmm..interesting? haha...actually it was kind of fun but this simulator ride in the aquarium was a tad bit upsetting. it was suppose to be a ride filled with turbulence and thrill..but it was an utter disappointment! never believe anything u read! learnt that lesson the hard way. imran was sitting next to me and he was saying 'kurap la' throughout the ride. so true! haha..i hope the trip to the IMAX theatre next week won't be a disappointment. 14 bucks man! besides the visiting of places...i've assimilated into the role of 'tourist' by posing ridiculously in front of a metal propeller, a giant bronze statue of a fat man and other embarassing poses thanks to the dear imran abdullah. but what the heck! i am a tourist..theoractically. anyway holidays will never be complete without the ocassional shopping sprees which i have been going on quite frequently actually..hehe. i jsut can't help myself when i see great bargains i just go all fuzzy inside and this voice inside me will urge me to buy and buy. ok..maybe that's an exargeration. i do control my spending...but a girl cannot resist a good bargain, can she? in actual fact i am on a shopping buy hair acessories, shoes and a you can guess the reason behind the spending. ;P tomorrow we'll be going to bridge road so there goes my money again. nvm..when college starts i will stop the shopping too....hopefully.

new skin for my blog..if you haven't notices..duh! just couldn't stand the old one..too boring. i need changes in my life! haha..ok..getting dramatic again. till the next time this slow moving blog is updated.....whispers say so much.

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