October 19, 2004


it's been awhile..so tought of updating! lazy lazy lazy. the four letter word which also should be omitted from my vocabulary. i've been relaxing and slacking like mad since the start of term. i guess it must be the thought of going home soon and that this whole year will be coming to an end soon. another new life waiting ahead. one filled with new adventures and new experiences. but yet no matter how attractive and fresh these new 'discoveries' may be, i don't want to leave all the people i have met here. bet a few eyes will be teary after the first of december. omg i didn't know valedictory is going to be such a formal event! i mean there's even a dress code and all! ok...i guess i sound kind of 'ulu' now. oh oh i can't wait for the prom! just can't wait to get all dressy and all. ok now sounding so bimbo! getting into my drama role...the bimbo mum of the century! i think i'l be laughing at myself on stage. nvm..a role different from other roles i have played. venturing into the unknown...into the undiscovered me. haha..ok enough drama. ok i have nothing else worth saying...i have been rambling nonsense anyway...so before the next update....great spirits are always violently opposed by mediocre minds.

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