July 26, 2004

just once

i have seen the true colours of people and i am sorry to say that it ain't as pretty as i thought it would be. yeah, sure people are not perfect but this goes beyond imperfection..this is just plain insensitivity and having an ego bigger than their heads. i just wish that these people will receive their own medicine..i hope it stings them..then at least they will learn to have some empathy or if that's too much to ask maybe just learn to think before speaking.

sometimes i know i lash out at people..but that's just because thier ego just needs a pricking! i am a hypocrite when it comes to giving people back their own medicine. i know it's wrong but i just can't stand it! these people will never learn unless they themselves feel the hurt and sting of words. the thing is i always feel damn guilty after doing that! i shouldn't but i do! guilt just makes the victim a winner.

sorry is a word hardly said by you
sorry hardly leaves your lips
is it hard to say i'm sorry?
or is your ego just to big for it?

hope fills my heart
that one day you'll feel
you'll feel the wonders of apology
the lifting of a burdened heart
just by uttering the word - sorry

come down from your high horse
just once
just once feel the hurt you have caused
just once say you're sorry

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