July 19, 2004

thank you

just had a good workout after a full half a day at college. i just love working-out. love the feeling of burning and sweating. it makes me think of my problems and i just punch and kick them away..... all the frustration, pain, confusion and anger. i guess that's what makes me so discipline when it comes to exercising. it gives me some private time to think about things..just listening to my breath...concentrating on my moves. i think maybe that's why i prefer to swim as a form of exercise cause the only sound u'll hear is the voice in ur head. as much as i love these moments of solitude i am very grateful i have friends who are so supportive and they just make me laugh. like they say laughter is the best medicine. imran and his pak cik-ness, christina and her sex craziness, clement and his 'i'm too sexy for this car'-ness and my bestest and closest friend..my twin sis. i just love all them so much and i am so thankful for having them with me here in this alien country. i think my experience here in trinity would have been so different without them by my side. okok...i think i'm getting a bit too melancholic here.
well the one good thing was my results for last term. i'm quite happy with them and i hope i can continue the same performance this term....this term being a more demanding one! ARGH!!! oh..something to lament about..my dream guy is not in my chemistry tute anymore!!! so saddening!! cannot think about it..no time for guys now! must concentrate on achieving 96%! enough nonsense. i'll face tomorrow with a positive outlook and determination. CARPE DIEM!

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