June 18, 2004

the power of girl power

tadaa...this is my first self-created blog!! not bad for a start..at least christina says it's better then the initial one created by CLEMENT for me!! haha..proves that GIRL POWER RULEZ!!! okok...being a feminist here..argh!! exams officially goes into momentum tomorrow!! imagine...on a saturday! this is the first ever saturday i'll be sitting, with sweating palms and a drained brain, in a exam hall on a weekend! i am so not looking forward to it. oh..but on the bright side it means i'll be a day closer to 'zero hour'!! i can almost hear the stewardess saying,'please remain seated upright as we prepare for take off'...can't wait!! i'm dying to taste the unhealthy ghee of thosai, taste the wonderful aromatic teh tarik and i'm extremely in need of a PROPER MEAL!! oh my..this is not good...i'm thinking too much of food!! the calories! the weight gain! argh!!! hahaha...but what the heck...i should live by the motto of living to eat not eating to live..haha..what's life without occassionally exciting your taste buds. oops..i think i have over spent my allowed time on the net for an exam eve night. have to do some last minute reading then it's the bed for me! i wish myself all the luck for the exams! haha..

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