July 24, 2006

pictures and words

first day of uni has commenced. responsibilities and decisions have to be made. the idea of leaving kl and now being physically back in melb has not sunk in. still want to be pampered by my parents. :p can't wait for zoe to come over! everyone's excited that she's coming over for the her hols.

zoe: there's a dance social on the weekend before u arrive!! dun feel sad ar..

was chatting to imran yesterday..he's one guy i will always be close to in a weird way. we have a funny relationship...a fine line between plutonic friends and a married couple! haha.. well i guess it's cause we're just so comfortable with one another till we can just say what we want in front of one another without judgement. he's coming over to melb next year! can't wait for his company! my long awaited picture during imran's visit to kl:

took it at the 'food court' at star hill. magical..the wonders of fibre optics on camera. oh here are a few more of my artistic skill at work with my camera...

a random antique fan on display at an antique shop in malacca

a partition at jim thomson's

grafitti on a wall on an old building along the streets of malacca

jim thompson restaurant

till the next update...cold, cold, cold.

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