April 12, 2005


i'm the procrastinator of the year! my mid semester tests are coming up but i'm still stalling my studying and stuff. i just feel so not into the studying mode. i would have really loved to have taken a year off studying just to go travelling around the world. to see thigns i'll never see back home. but i doubt my parents would have let me. sometimes i think the asian attitude of 'studies first' is not that beneficial. i mean yeah it's good cause it keeps us focused on our goals in life and stuff but it takes away the joy of living young and just experiencing things when we're stil in our youth! there's like people my age who has already seen most of europe and bits of asia. i'm still so 'ulu'! waiting to discover the world after graduation is kind of impossible too...cause i'm sure it'll be my responsibility to get a job immidiately instead of galavanting around the world. so technically speaking i'll only be able to see the world when i'm in my 40's. i don't want that to happen! haih...but what to do 'studies first'. make my parents proud.

if things happen for a reason then if something does happen should u take it as a sign?? ok that was just a random thought. oh went for dance camp last weekend and it was so fun!! i wish it didn't have to end so quickly. i want to still be at the camp now talking and socialising with all the people there. the company made the trip a whole lot better than i'd expected it to be. plus the food and place was superb! star gazing was just so overwhelming...the sky was just fileld wih beautiful glittering stars...a sky i never get to see in the city. it was just amazing. oh and saw a couple of shooting stars too but they went by too quickly for me to make a wish. i have one wish which i trully would want to come true....but i doubt it's possible.

here's the link to the camp photos:
camp photos

anyway, enough procrastinating and to the books i SHOULD go.

till the next update....destiny guides but choice determines.