September 13, 2004

misery brought by carelessness

maths over today. thank goodness. well the paper wasn't as hard. i finally manage to master the methods of integration in a not bad la. pretty happy with myself except for that BLOODY PERMUTATION QUESTION! i was so careless!! sure cannot get 96% average already for this term. haih..nvm what's done is done. can't help it. argh! feel like punching myself in the head man. how could i be so careless?! okok enough lamenting...i know i'm going to be a pain for my friends...i think i have been after the amths paper...hehe...SORRY! ok i will stop.

for the feelings have diminished for a person....and now all i feel is pure contentment with my current life..with friends i can't live without and my dear sis by my side.but i still cherish the footprints he has left in my heart...

until the next time i update this blog....people walk in and out of our lives and leave behind unforgettable footprints.

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