August 09, 2005

my resolution's another long awaited update... these are my new resolutions for the new semester...which i hope i can stick by!! knowing me...haha will break them pretty soon..

1. swim everyday (which i have been doing diligently!)
2. no carbs for dinner (chicken everynight so far)
3. do all my tute problems (hmm...having a problem with this one! haha)
4. study/review work consistently (not helping with the easy availability of the tv!)
5. not buy clothes unnecessarily (going to get a dress this!! but i need it for dinner dance...haha tht's a necessity!)
6. not break any resolutions made thus far! far...nothing is looking good. i think i've broken almost all of it..except the first two! haha..oh my..goes to show how body conscious i am! this is bad. the 6th resolution is not helping at all. least having written them has made me more aware of wht i HAVE TO DO and not AVOID any of them anymore. fat hopes! this is just so ironic! i can be such an optimist when it comes to believing in others in achieving their goals and stuff..but when it comes to my personal ones..i'm such a pessimist! it should be the other way round! then at least there's a glimmer of hope of me becoming a successful being! haha...oh well..i guess it's all in the mind. intelligence is innate but our way of thinking is a conditioning. and EQ is way more influential than IQ in our my point of view. oh now i have another resolution to add to my list:

7. avoid pessimism at all costs!

let's see how this one holds up. exercising will make me happy! why? cause exercising releases endorphins and endorphins makes ppl happy and happy ppl think positive! haha.. on the road to good health and positive thinking!

anyway, uni life is going as usual. nothing spectacular happening. this weekend however will be pretty busy. othello on thurs, a dance competition on fri, ice skating on sat and shopping for my dress on sun. what a jam-packed weekend of fun! can't wait! ok..enough blogging now..time for me to fulfill resolution number 3! :D

till the next update...think of me, think of me fondly.