July 24, 2005

long awaited update

here's the long awaited update! been really busy the whole month back in m'sai. had a really really enjoyable and unforgetable holiday. the highlight had to be the trip to kuching with shaleen, jitesh, gary, chee wei, hwee yin, jeannie, kit ling and terence. the rainforest music festival was terrific and the energy level at the concerts was overwhelming!! no inhibition at all! oh and lots of booze! i'm proud to say i had just plain clean fun..no influence of alcohol whatsoever! haha. the nights of gossip and stuff in room 807 was totally awesome! sharing a room with two other guys and a girl is so much fun! haha..tht was random. oh the food was bad though...made almost everyones' tummy ached. on the whole...the whole trip was made unforgetable because of the company. the company was just great. it's amazing how u can get along so well and become close to complete strangers in just 5 days. this is one group of people i will never want to lose touch with. thank god for msn and technology!

had a wonderful time eating as well! all the delicious yet unhealthy kuihs...roti..thosai..mamak..yum yum. my mum's cooking!! a must mention! sigh..another 4 months of melb..then i'll be home again..and then i would have completed a whole year of uni. time really flies. oh well...i can't really think of anythign else to blog about.

so i'll just end here. till the next update....paths cross, lives change.

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