January 27, 2007

how many sultans??

Much has happened since the last day of serious blogging. I must say that this has been the most fruitful holiday I have ever had. After all the years procrastinating and just imagining what it would be like actually earning some hard earned money, I've finally managed to have a good long lick at it and i finally know how it tastes. IT'S INDESCRIBABLE! The yearning for more pieces of specially dyed paper with the sultan's face on it just has no boundaries. Unfortunately the desire to let them slip out of my fingers over a piece of tailored cloth sometimes do get the better of me. However, do not fret my saving loving friends for i have the forsight. More than 3/4 of my hard earned cash have been saved safely in my bank account. Hmm...enough to own a property perhaps or stock market speculation..nah! Baby steps...baby steps..

Having a significant other has been rewarding and fulfilling. Here's his smiley face for all those who's been wondering who he is...taadaa!! My other half...

I know he looks a little geeky in this picture but he was cooking while i took this candid of him! A guy who cooks for his girl! A dream come true for me!

Enough jabbering...till the next update welcome the pig with open arms!


Anonymous said...

Attitude of Gratitude Although you can see that the glass is half-empty, you chose to see it in a positive way. It is still half-full, anyway. The absence of half of the volume of water didn�t even bother you. What mattered was that it still contains water. If this is how you answered the question above and how you justified your answer, then you have a positive way of thinking.

S@iGoN said...

so anonymous...are u saying that i have a positive way of thinking?