October 16, 2006

Re: ....

everything has been moving at top speed. time has been merciless. I'll be leaving for home in a month and 3 days' time. within that time period, i would have sat for 3 papers, handed in 3 assignments, put on tonnes of weight, eaten almost every single brand of junk food, ripped almost all my hair out, bitten almost all my fingernails to the bed, have a blister from writing, have red eyes from burning the midnight oil, hmm..i think tht's all for the list of horrors caused by exams.

however...i still know someone will still call me beautiful when i wake up in the morning, say i'm thin when i've put on 10 kgs, ease my nerves when i'm overwhelmed. i can count on him to bring back my sanity.

till the next update...erm...just don't expect an update anytime soon..say within a month's time.


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