September 06, 2006


brain overworked with things to worry about. the ball is just a week away. loads to prepare for and at the same time there's test to worry about as well. first one did not go well. hoping the second will not share the same fate.

life has been passing in a haze. i have no idea where all my time went and i have no idea what i've been doing this past month back from kl. i don't seem to have the time to collect my thoughts or have any private moments. i seem to be continuously bogged down by activites and work. oh well..holidays are around the corner. 2 weeks of no lectures, tutes and waking up early! BUT it will be 2 weeks of STUDYING for my bio mid sem test. hopefully by enlarging the word 'study' it will remind me of my purpose here whenever i visit my site. pathetic is tht?! i think i shall have to resort to sticking up post-its with quotes such as 'u should be studying' or 'study now' or 'are u studying?' all over my wall. turn my room into geek central. begone u party animal! begone u procrastinator! summoning 'devils' out of oneself reflects a stable state of mind :p it's called cleansing ppl! random!

till the next update....faraway by jay chou is the song of the month!

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