March 27, 2006

why make a clock fly?

first month back here in melb! can't believe time flies by so quickly. mid semester tests are coming up followed by easter hols! can't wait for that! second year subjects are all just so confusing and hard! how in the world do ppl score in these subjects! Engineering analysis a is a killer..maybe cause the lecturer is really bad! biosystems modeling is so many fick's law are there man! intergrated biology i think is the bearable one..but even then remembering 20 amino acids and their properties is not a really nice thing to do. oh well...

i've finally completed watching the revolving doors of vengeance (canto soap)!!! not bad la. quite interesting. ron ng is starring in it..girls go google for his pics. he has a HOT BOD! i noticed in the movie though...all the guys looked as if they had some pale grey eyeshadow on consistently! i think their tan are just bad! u do not cover ur eyes when tanning! getting rings around ur eyes is not a pretty sight! haha i've got patchy skin again from the sun burn! sigh..oh well autumn coming so will definately be able to return to a monotone coloured skin.

tina changed her hairstyle and colour..all in a few hours! i'm slowly getting use to the new tina! she looks so school girl-ish now. contrast to her actual clubbing self...hahaha i'm so tempted to get my hair cut as well! the power of influence!

SAW 1 is too real to not believe. what would u do if u were put in tht the play by the rules or not? to mutilate urself and be set free or be murdered? would u kill ur love one or be killed? urgh! scary scary decision! it was written by a RMIT student. malaysian born guy. so talented! malaysia really has such a huge pool of talent but the lack of opportunities and facilities are just discouraging ppl from pursuing their passion back home. it's so sad.

till the next many flower buds but will any blossom?


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