January 20, 2006

great company, great fun

had an exceptionally wonderful, enjoyable time at thai club on wed with the stellas!! i know, the first impression someone would get from the phrase 'thai club' would be 'eeeee dodgy!'. that fact is undeniable. the lower groud section of it was filled with drunk old pakciks trying to hook up with younglings. beyond a flight of stairs, however, is a totally different scene. there were shufflers on the dance floor and chicks dancing on these elevated platform. however, nothing could beat the company i had. great friends dancing, drinking and just having a ball together! the feeling of overwhelming happiness just took me over. it was the first time ever we stellas went for a night out at a club! so it was overwhelmingly enjoyable. i would never ever trade my friends for anything! they are just such a great group to have in my life! this post goes out to u all, the stellas in my life! my stars!


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