September 24, 2005


i'm currently sitting in chee yoong's chair while posting this which means i'm in SYDNEY!!! it's so much warmer than melb here but as usual the wind sends chills running down ur spine. the city centre is one big maze!! well actually its not that hard to get lost once u get use to it..but melb is so much more organized! and the streets are so are practically almost brushing past one another.

so far the trip has been all about eating! one gastronomical experience after another. since touching down on sydney soil..i have eaten fusion japanese (food to die for!), fresh seafood from the fish market, pancake on the rocks, emperor's pao (is actually custard filled cream puffs which are addictive), chocolate dessert from lindt cafe, thai, a huge portion of peking style fried noodles and of course the ever famous mcd's! phew...tht's a lot of food! i cannot believe how much i've been eating these past few days! i've been eating non stop. it's back to the pool and my strict diet when i get back to melb! definately have put on loads of doubt about tht.

will post pictures onto multiply when i get back. till the next to live or live to eat, that is the ultimate life question!


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